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Hello Everyone

I want to thank you for stopping by, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an actor, I have been in student films, indie films and some full feature films. I have worked with some of the best actors in the industry. People like Danny Trejo, Bill Engvall, Vernon George Wells, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg,Bartley Overbey, just to name a few. Everytime I step on a set of a flim with some of these people I learn more and more about acting,I come away from that film a better actor. The question I ask myself each and everytime Is it worth it and the answer is Damn Right it is.


Thanks again for stopping by

David W. Staley



Hello everyone I want to thank you again for stopping by, I would like to tell you a little about a production I have been playing with for about a year now. It is called WESTERN X it is a web series with Cazador Productions, Directed by Michael Flores. I would really like it if you would go and check it out and become a fan.

Thank you


 As you watch these clips and notice the wardrobe, the guns and everything old west. This is why I started Smoke Wagon Productions L.L.C. I wanted to make sure the film was done right. 

Cowboy Dreams

Making of Cowboy Dreams #5

The Showdown


This is the video I was in it was Directed by SOPHIA PEER, came out February 14, 2011.


This is from a movie I did a few years ago,called Angels Devils and Men.



Smoke Wagon Productions L.L.C. is about authenticity. We work for you the film maker, if you are doing a period film we have the wardrobe, guns, leather, just about everything. We will make sure your film looks Great.