Filming of a WESTERN


Fade to Black (a WESTERN) synopsis

As Weston Rutledge lye dying his life flashes before him. He comes home to Missouri after the civil war unfortunately the war kept on going in Missouri. He was tired of the fighting, so he moved on. He wandered for almost 10 years, doing anything and everything to make a living. After riding into the southwest he came to a town, Mesa City Arizona in 1875. No money, hungry and looking for work, the only right thing to do is go to the Sheriff’s office and find out how friendly the town is. If the Sheriff is friendly, the town is, some towns just don’t like strangers. Sheriff Jack Elliott was a man just like Weston, years before, Jack was in the same situation when he rode into town and the town took him in and gave him a place that he could call home.

When Weston walked into the office and asked if he knew of any work. The Sheriff knew right off that Weston was a good man. You see, a not so honest man would not come to see the Sheriff first. This meeting would change Weston's life forever. The Sheriff sees something in Weston that no one else sees, maybe a little of himself years before. A grand relationship starts, the Sheriff gets Weston settled by letting him sleep in the jail and getting his horse boarded at the livery, and then he gets him a job on a farm outside of town. The Sheriff sees a good man in Weston.

Jack even goes as far as to bring Weston home for breakfast to meet the family and his sister in-law Jill Morgan. Well Jill, needless to say, is a little leery of Weston at first but as they get to know each other over time they fall in love. Weston worked real hard saving money to buy land and build a small house and in time they get married. Life is good in Mesa city Arizona. Jill even gets Weston to start to go to church and believe in God again. Time passes and the Rutledge’s are a happy couple. Then one night the unthinkable happens. The door is kicked in and two shots and a scream ring out. Weston is shot and Jill is raped and murdered. When Weston wakes, he sees his dead wife and asks God why he let this happen.

At the grave site Weston still cannot get over the fact that God let his wife die and he denounces God for letting this happen. The next day Weston has changed. Not for the good either. God has made Weston age a few years and has turned him mean, not just mean but killer mean. Weston asks Jack for help to find the men that did this but Jack is helpless, so Weston turns his back on his friends, his town and his life. When Weston finally finds the men that killed his wife, his fate is sealed. He kills the 2 men instead of bringing them to justice. Weston Rutledge is now an outlaw himself. The killing never stops until the day God says enough. Weston Rutledge loses everything even his life.

 Starring Vernon Wells and Aaron Ginn-Forsberg